How to assign the % of Your income tax ?

Assign 2% of your income tax to achieve our projects!

If you are working and paying tax in Slovakia, every year you have a chance to decide that 2% of your tax will be assigned to non-profit. It is not extra cost for nobody!

This forms are only for employees. Are you legal person ? Click here

Make tax return filing to donate the 0.5% or 1.0% of the taxes for us

1 step - download and fill documents

Till 15 February 2024 – it is necessary to mark one box in this form ( preview of form ) . It is request for form no. 1.

Employees must ask their employer to prepare the annual statement of taxes paid.

Your employer will prepare the form entitled Confirmation of Tax PaidPotvrdenie o zaplatení dane – and deliver to You

This form is filled by You – form no. 2 Vyhlásenie o poukázaní podielu zaplatenej dane z príjmov fyzickej osob is already pre-flled

2 step - Deliver forms 1 and 2

A) Filled and signed forms no. 1 and no. 2 deliver till 30 April to Tax Office.

B) Filled and signed forms no.1 and no.2 deliver till 15 April to our adress and and we will deliver it till 30 April in Tax Office instead of You.

Adress for delivery: Piesková 1032, 951 35 Veľké Zálužie

C) Filled and signed forms no.1 and no.2 we can pick up personaly after agreement and deliver to Tax Office.

Contact – Andrej Praznovsky, +421 911 705 236 (EN),

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Deadline is on 30.04.2024

for submit forms 2 and 3

2024/04/30 20:00:00